photo of kelli bickman by chris hallman, velic photography

photo of kelli bickman by chris hallman, velic photography

velic photography

velic photography

“Gods tend to be larger than life – and the Gods and Goddesses of artist Kelli Bickman’s series, ‘Pop Deities’ are no exception. In vivid color, Bickman’s spirituality is reflected in her work, which draws on religious figures from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Native-American philosophy.”
-Folio Weekly

“Kelli Bickman’s work taps into and reflects the aesthetic of the scavenger in all of us. That part of us that makes us draw mustaches on newspaper photos and tack photos to our cubicles. More than that, Kelli’s pieces draw on a level of recognition beyond the automatic or mundane and illicit thoughts of grand American mythologies that have surpassed verbal dissemination.”
-Knitting Factory Records, NYC 

“Bickman dares to mix — color, theme, mythology — and she does so with respect and humor at the same time. A difficult feat…Kelli Bickman, a serious artist to be sure, proved to me that art produced from a sense of joy could lead to an artist’s life — you know, the kind we all dream of, where our art is our living and our living is our art. I think art such as Bickman’s is actually the most “serious” of all in that it expresses something joyful and ecstatic about being human. I think, too, that art like this can only come from a certain kind of soul — a happy, broad-minded, and delighted-with-life soul.”

“There is a wonderful resemblance in Kelli Bickman’s work to the paintings of Marie Roberts and other Coney Island artists. It’s brash and makes a big “look at me” kind of statement. Like the Coney Island crowd there is an avoidance of fine art issues. Left behind are the years of art history and canons of fine painting and what is left is a raw pictorial instinct….There is a lot to like about her work.”

-Robert Sievert, ARTEZINE 17.25

“With great energy and flair, Bickman invites us to soar beyond the mundane to find inspiration in both the ordinary and extraordinary experiences that make up our lives. Her work is “larger than life” and she proves, once again, that art can illuminate the recesses of the human soul with both joy and beauty.”
-Ann Niven, Sage Woman Magazine

‘Kelli Bickman’s sparkling images, with their clarity, beauty and delight, have graced our pages. What a treasure!”
-Margery Cantor, Inquiring Mind

“Kelli Bickman is a wonderfully talented painter. She has an ease of technique, grace of arrangement and a depth of vision; her many series often portray nature symbols, along with universal or ancient elements in skilled, updated narratives. Her unique talent spans fine art and illustration, and we are proud to have her work in our collection.”
-Artist Amy Zerner & Author Monty Farber

"There are multiple cosmoses, and they are all floating and spinning around us, we are soaring through them, they are beyond words but not beyond meaning, many meanings, deep meanings, transcendent meanings, eternal meanings, infinite meanings...your paintings tell me that my consciousness must expand in order to contain, embrace, engage these cosmoses, and the paintings lead me to this expansion of my consciousness."

Dr. William Buschell, Tibet House, Ishar

"People like Kelli help to make the world a better place. We are lucky to have such an amazing Ambassador to the Arts. Kelli’s zest for the arts and her community is infectious.~ 

-Lori McNee, Power Artist