Art Diary documenting the making of the 12' x 36' World Peace Mural and exhibitions at the Woodstock Peace Festival as well as the Parliament for World Religions. Community Engaged Public Art (Central icon by Jesse Pouget Ditkoff)

photo by Chris Hallman

photo by Chris Hallman

Kelli Bickman is a multi-media artist currently residing near Woodstock, NY. Her art has been seen in many publications, shown in many galleries and is held in private collections worldwide. She respects and honors all traditions and explores the world of spirit as the primary focus in her art.

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Mural Arts

The youth mural arts program is a grass roots community engaged art project founded and directed by Kelli Bickman.   Project grants and partners include the A to Z Impact fund, the Global Sisters fund, Healthy Kids, ArtsWestchester, the Peekskill Rotary, Arts Alive, The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art and more.  

Mural Projects



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available at

 II:II Style is Keli Bickman's fine art printed on groovy items like High tops and T-shirts...there are two separate sites for products. and  Visit them both because life is short and you need to wear art for your soul.


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Fine Art

Although she has painted in many interesting places around the world, Bickman's studio is currently housed in a 3,500 square foot loft in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Her current focus is on building an empire of artistic play including video, fashion, fine art, and world peace..  

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